Chichester College Group

Chichester College Group reached out to AKR for support with sourcing high quality industry placements for our T Level students. AKR worked tirelessly with targeted sectors within our local demographic to inform employers what a T Level is and how an industry placement can benefit their business. AKR facilitated the completion of employer sign up […]

Akshay Ruparelia


Akshay Ruparelia AKR Growth Ventures [1] Akshay’s remarkable story is one of tenacity, grit and determination. Akshay is not one to be deterred by hindrances and hardships. He has viewed each obstacle as an opportunity which led to the setting up of

Sharon Rai


From the first time of watching Akshay being interviewed on BBC, through to personally interviewing him recently about his entrepreneurial journey I have witnessed an individual who is driven, determined and resilient. Akshay isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up, he openly shares his experiences and I cannot wait to see what milestones he achieves […]

Julia Mallaby


I submitted my Kickstarter programme request for Bimble through AKR Growth Ventures, who we selected as the approved gateway company to work with. My contact person at AKR Growth Ventures is Mohammed Awais. From the start, Mohammed made the process very easy for me. He explained the system the government has put in place and […]